40k in 50min (Pay on arrival all are welcome!)

7th January 2022 @ 6:30 pm – 10:15 pm
Holmfirth Gaming centre
Unit 1 Albion Mill Miry lane Thongsbridge
£5 Pay on the door
Jay Muffitt

500pts 40K in 50 min



The Holmfirth Gaming Centre proud to announce a 40k Friday evening tournament.


Holmfirth Gaming Centre

Unit 1

Albion mills Miry lane

Thongsbridge Holmfirth


If you get lost contact us on 07410446950


Entry Fee?

£5 per player  – If you wish to enter the tournament you can reserve your spot by emailing Holmfirthgamingcentre@hotmail.com or by contacting us on Facebook at Holmfirth gaming centre . You can turn up on the day and pay

Event Schedule
• 18:45 – 19:00 registration and matching players
• 19:00 – 19:50 game 1
• 20:00 – 20:50 game 2
• 21:00 – 21:50 game 3
• 22:00 – awards

Players need to bring?

1. 500pt Army with paper copies of your army list
2. Any dice and markers you need
3. A copy of your codex(s), Rulebook and any other Rules you may need


1. You can only have up to 500pts in your army
2. No 15 or more wound models
3. No toughness 9 or higher models
4. No units over 200pts.
5. No more than 70 models in an army (need quick games after all)
6. The most recent codex should be used (i.e. codex not index where possible)
7. Forge World units are allowed.
8. Mandatory troops for Detachments must be infantry or swarm.
9. All armies must be battle forged and can only be made up of a single patrol detachment
10. The rule of one applies to all units with the exemption of infantry troop units.

General rules

1. Only one stratagem may be used per phase.
2. Psychers will choose for powers before the tournament in view of another player these they
will keep for each game throughout the tournament (these must be written down for all
players to see)
3. Things like Daemonic rewards, Dark elder combat drugs or anything normally arranged
before each battle will also be rolled for or chosen at the begging of the tournament and
kept for duration like the Psychic powers wherever possible.
4. No Psychic powers, items or abilities which summon, conger or spawn additional models
resurrect, reanimate or bring back from the dead by any deed or action may be used to bring
the unit above its original starting size or to create new units. The exception is where units
are “accidentally” created and will be at the discretion of the tournament organiser in such
cases these units cannot hold or contest objectives.
5. All games will have an incompletion penalty, if any game does not reach turn 5 or above
(with exception of tabling the opponent) any tournament points attained during the game
will be reduced by the difference. For example, player one beats player two but only game
turn 3 is reached player one will receive a reduction of 2 pts.

NOTE Conversions should try to match the official model’s width, height and general size.
Referee may remove any models considered modelled for advantage. All models should be
WYSIWYG however we will accept certain proxies as long as it is pointed out to his opponent before
the game. Lists may be checked during any point in the event. if a list is found to be illegal the player
will have all games set to loss which the list has been used. Any questions please ask before starting
Please agree on all boundaries and terrain types before the game begins. After first round (which
will be done randomly) we will use the Swiss system to work out the next draw


All Missions will use the combat patrol Battlefield size
Rounds. Deployment – Players will use the Incisive Attack Deployment setup.
• Roll once for first deployment and board edge. The player who sets up first goes first
• Place Two objective marker in the centre of the battlefield along the centre line 9” from the
centre of the table, then each player places one objective marker in their deployment zone
8” from any table edge and 12” from another objective.
• Take and hold (progressive) At the end of each player’s command Phase from turn two, the
player who’s turn it is scores.
 They control one or more objective markers 1VP’s
 They control two or more objective markers 2VP’s
 They control more objective markers then there opponent 3VP’s
• Players pick 2 secondary’s from the provided six secondary objectives.
•The winner is the player with the most victory points. If you table your opponent you continue to play your remaining turns to maximise the points you can ern. All points for the primary and each of the secondary’s are collected on the score sheets provided and handed to the TO at the end of turn 5. There is a maximum of 18VP’s Available per game.

Secondary Missions

Although these missions may share their name with missions within the 40k rules they are all

Score one VP for each enemy character slain during the battle. MAX 3VP’s

First strike:
Score Two VP’s for completely destroying one enemy unit during the first turn and Three VP’s if you
destroy more than your opponent. MAX 3VP’s

Line Breaker:
Score one VP each turn that you have one or more units wholly within your opponent’s deployment
zone at the end of each of your turns. MAX 3VP’s

Score one VP for each objective in your possession at the end of the game. MAX 3VP’s

Psychic Ritual:
Score one VP each time one unit in your army completes the PSYCHIC RITUAL
(Psychic action – Warp charge 3) This can only be cast once per turn. MAX 3VP’s

Burn the witch:

Score one VP for each enemy psyker or Psychic unit destroyed.                                                MAX 3VP’s