Mega Event Weekend

19th October 2019 @ 8:30 am – 20th October 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Holmfirth Gaming Centre
Unit 1 Albion Mill
Mark Kelly

S {40K Plunder } S

A { Batman Forever} A

T {Orktober Killteam} T

HGC Mega Event Weekend

19th & 20th October 2019

Keep an eye out for more details

S{ BoltAction}S

U {Necromunda Assault} U

N {Orktober Iron Cup B/B } N

2 days of fun filled gaming & competition, if you have never partaken of any of the events then come down & check us out.

Some of the events can even supply you with a force to use on the day to join in & try your hand at a new game or an old one that you wish to re-visit (please ask for more details)

Each event will have it’s own pack out shortly with more details showing but if you wish to join in & guarantee your place in these limited events you can do so:-

Payments for each event can be sent via friends & family to the following paypal address:-

When paying please indicate your name/s & which event/s you wish to enter so we can mark you down.

Saturdays events are:-

40K Plunder £15 (includes a meal on the day)

Batman Forever £15 (includes a meal on the day)

Orktober Killteam £6 (food can be purchased)

Sunday events are:-

Bolt Action £15  (includes a meal on the day)

Necromunda Assault £7 (food can be purchased)

Orktober Iron Cup B/B £8 Blood |Bowl (food can be purchased)

Each event has its own T/O & prizes can be won in each event. Players can if they wish take part in 2 events (but not on the same day sorry) to earn even greater prizes.

Places are limited & have started to sell already so please if you wish a place in any event do get in contact asap.