Last of the summer Winehammer 2 (40k) (Sold out)

19th March 2022 @ 8:00 am – 20th March 2022 @ 6:00 pm
Holmfirth Gaming centre
Unit 1 Albion Mill Miry lane Thongsbridge
sold out
Jay Muffitt

Last of the summer Winehammer 2 (Sold out)


Basic Event information
The Date:
19th and 20th March 2022
The Place:
The Holmfirth Gaming Centre (HGC)
The Holmfirth Gaming Centre
1 Albion Mill
Miry Lane
Please note the event space is not on the ground floor and there is no lift in the building, please don’t
hesitate to contact me if you would like further details.
Event Details:
Event Capacity – 50 Players
Entry Cost – £45 per person
Tickets are available and can be obtained via paypal –
Please note this is a virtual ticket, a physical ticket will not be issued to you. If you discover you
cannot attend, I will provide you with a full refund up until 12 Noon on Sunday 27th February 2022
(please email to arrange this).
The Last of the Summer Winehammer will have a reserves list so that in the unfortunate event of
dropouts after the 27th February 2022, we may still be able to ensure the venue is full and I can refund
if necessary. Please however do not transfer entries without contacting me first as I will not be able to
honour ticket transfers that have not been approved and I will not permit entry to anyone that is not on
the entrants list.
Please note that photographs will be taken, and the event may be recorded for use in promotional
materials in the future. If you object to being filmed, please let us know at

The Holmfirth Gaming Centre will provide a pre prepared lunch on both days.
Please note whilst the venue will do its best, it cannot guarantee that the food provided doesn’t
contain or hasn’t come into contact with allergens. Whilst they will take steps to minimise risk and
safely handle the foods that contain potential allergens, please be advised that cross contamination
may occur, as factors beyond reasonable control may alter the formulations of the food served or
manufacturers may change their formulations without the venue’s knowledge.
Therefore, please let us know at if you have any dietary requirement, allergies
etc prior to the event.

Last of the Summer Winehammer Rules Pack V2
COVID Restrictions
Covid & Lockdown restrictions in England are currently lifted.
There however may be unforeseen circumstances arising in the future regarding potential limits of the
number of people able to gather in one place and or social distancing. I will work closely with the
venue and aim to inform people of any changes as soon as practically possible.
If the limit to the amount of people allowed in the venue changes, then I may have to reduce the
number of attendees. In this case I will reduce the number of people attending in reverse order of
entrants, so entrant 50 would be the first to be removed from the event. If this scenario was to play
out, full refunds to those individuals impacted would be made irrespective of the 27th February 2022
If Government restrictions prevent the event from going ahead, a decision will be made as to whether
the event can be rescheduled or has to be cancelled completely. I will endeavour to contact entrants
as soon as practically possible and arrange refunds if necessary.

What can you win?
st, 2nd and 3rd Place Trophies
Best Sporting – As voted by the players (In the event of a draw it’s a dice off).
Best Painted Army – Please leave your Armies out after game 1 and the team will pick the armies we
think are best. These armies will then go into the pool for best army, which will then be voted on by
the players on Day 2.
Wooden Spoon – Person with the lowest Gaming Score.
Traditional Raffle – The more you put in the bigger the prizes.

Weekend Time Table
The Weekend schedule is as follows:
08:30 – 09:00 Venue Opens
09:00 – 09:15 Pre-event Brief
09:15 – 12:15 Round 1
12:15 – 13:00 Lunch Please leave your armies out for Best Army shortlisting
13:00 – 16:00 Round 2
16:00 – 16:30 Break
16:30 – 19:30 Round 3
19:30 Onwards Covid restrictions dependant drinks in Huddersfield
09:30 – 12:30 Game 4
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch This will also be the time you can vote for Best Army
13:30 – 16:30 Game 5
16:30 – 16:45 Most sporting Vote
16:45 Awards

Last of the Summer Winehammer Rules Pack V2
Tournament Rules
This Tournament will be using the English version of the Warhammer 40K 9th Edition Rulebook, all 9th
Edition Codices and Campaign books (e.g. Book of Rust) and any 8th Edition Codices and Psychic
Awakenings that have yet to be superseded by the 9th Edition Rules.
Any games Workshop FAQ release prior to the list submission date (please see List Format section)
will be used. If any FAQ is released after this date a review will be undertaken and the FAQ may be
used if applicable.
In addition, this Tournament will be using the most up to date version of the Grand Tournament Pack
(Currently 2021).
Please note this event will allow Forge World rules to be used however any unit classified as Legends
cannot be used.
Points costs must be the most up to date version source available.
If the GW FAQ does not cover a certain rules interaction I will defer to the WTC FAQ.

WTC Rules

Please be advised that following your entry into the event the decisions of the Referees regarding
rules decisions/interpretations and in all issues of health and safety are final. There will be no
discussions once a decision is made, this is applied to all aspects of the event including but not
limited to; rules adjudications, the scores applied for any category of the event, and any issues that
require the cooperation of the competitors. Failure to comply will result in a yellow card, any further
argument may result in a second yellow card and you will be asked to leave the event.
Please note if you receive 2 yellow cards over the course of the event you will be asked to leave,
score 0 points for the tournament and you will not be eligible for any of the prizes.
I must insist on the highest standards of behaviour for this event, this applies to not only the Referees
and myself but also to each other and members of the Holmfirth Gaming Centre Staff.
I will strive to make sure that all players have opponents and that all entrants get to play a game each
round. People leaving the event early do not only make things difficult for me as the organiser but also
adversely impact others as they may potentially miss a round. I appreciate that sometimes this is
unavoidable, and emergencies do happen therefore, I would be grateful that if you do have to leave
midway through the event or cannot make day 2 that you let me or a member of the event team know.
Any player who is more than 15 minutes late to any round without a very good reason will suffer an
immediate loss by the maximum points.

Last of the Summer Winehammer Rules Pack V2
Player Information
Event Facebook Page
I recommend you join the event’s Facebook page and keep up to date with all the need-to-know
information and see what is happening in the build up to Last of the Summer Winehammer.

The Event Software
You will need to download the Best Coast Pairings (BCP) App to your mobile device and register for
the event, please note registration, army list submission, pairings and results will be done via this
Prior to the event you will need to complete the registration process and submit you army list no later
than 23:59 on Friday 4th March 2022.
Please note that registering for the event does not secure you a place the only way to do this is via

Players Need to Bring:
Their Painted legal army minimum standard is battle ready (the definition of battle ready can be found
in the painting section of this pack)
Legible hard copy of your roster
Any templates, dice, counters and markers they need
Tape measure
A pen and paper
Glue for battlefield repairs
A tray to help move your army around the venue
A copy of all rules and datasheets required for their respective army, a copy of the rulebook and
relevant GT pack
A chess clock or chess clock app

Chess Clocks
This event will use chess clocks as they help eliminate the issues that come with slow play and or
perceived slow play. This rule will be enforceable if either party wishes to use them. If neither party
wishes to use a chess clock then the referees will not penalise either party for slow play, again if
neither party has a chess clock the referees will not penalise slow play – it’s your responsibility for time
management in game.

Last of the Summer Winehammer Rules Pack V2
Players need to arrange:
Transport to and from the venue
Spending money

What do you get for you ticket?
Entry to the Last of the Summer Winehammer 2
Lunch on both days provided by the venue (let me know any dietary requirements)
Chance to win prizes, trophies and awards
Your games played on functional, consistent terrain designed for the WTC

Last of the Summer Winehammer Rules Pack V2
List Format
Each Player must submit on BCP a 2000 point list in the required format no later than 23:59 on Friday
th March 2022.
All army lists must be submitted in a legible format and be easy to read (typed), if I cannot read your
list you will be asked to resubmit the list in a legible format. If I cannot read your list with time to spare
what is your opponent going to do with only a few minutes!
Any army lists received late, illegible, or found to be incorrect will result in a points penalty.
If you simply copy and paste from BattleScribe I will return the list
to you and ask you to resubmit in a legible format. If you then fail to
meet the submission deadline it’s your own fault. You have been

As a guide your list must display in a legible format:
Your Name
Your Factions Used e.g. if you were using Farsight Enclaves you would need to put both Tau and
Farsight Enclaves.
Total CP
Total points
Any reinforcement points
Detachment type
CP cost per detachment
Chapter tactics, regimental doctrines, Hive Fleet adaptations etc
All Units, their cost, cost of any weapons, upgrades etc.
Your Warlord and their respective Warlord Traits
Any chosen Psychic Powers, Necron C’tan Powers, Litanies etc (please note once selected these
cannot be changed)
Any CP spent on extra Warlord Traits and or Relics
Any CP spent on pregame stratagems e.g. Victor of the Blood Games

Last of the Summer Winehammer Rules Pack V2
Example Of An Acceptable Army List:
Example 1
Player Name: Compo WineHammerer
Keywords/Factions Used: Adeptus Arstartes, Dark Angels (Successor), Raven Guard (Successor)
Total Points 2,000
Reinforcement Points 0
Total CP 7 (12 -1 -3 -1)

==Patrol Detachment==
Raven Guard Successor
Chapter Tactics – Born Heroes and Whirlwind of Rage
Total Cost 860pts
CP Cost -1 (-2 patrol +2 Warlord -1 Strat)

HQ1: Space Marine Captain (85) Jump Pack (25) Storm Shield (10) Master Crafted Thunder Hammer
(Relic) (20) [140pts]
Warlord – Warlord Trait: Master Of Ambush
Stratagem Master of the Trifold Path (-1CP) Extra Warlord Trait: Swift and Deadly
Troop 1: x5 Infiltrators (24) Bolt Pistol (5×0) Frag & Krak Grenades (5×0) Marksman Bolt Carbine
(5×0) [120pts]
Elite 1: 10 Vanguard Veterans (10×19) Jump Pack (10×3) Lightning Claws (10×3) Storm Shield
(10×5) [300pts]
Elite 2: 10 Vanguard Veterans (10×19) Jump Pack (10×3) Lightning Claws (10×3) Storm Shield
(10×5) [300pts]

==Outrider Detachment==
Dark Angel Successor
Chapter Tactics – Long Range Marksman and Master Artisans
Total Cost 1140
CP Cost -4 (-3 Outrider -1 Strat)
HQ2: Space Marine Captain (85) Jump Pack (25) Storm Shield (10) Thunder Hammer (20) [140pts]
Stratagem Hero of the Chapter (-1CP) Extra Warlord Trait: The Imperium’s Sword
HQ3: Ravenwing Talonmaster [175pts]

Elite 3: x2 Company Veterans (2×20) Lightning Claw (2×3) Storm Shield (2×4) [54pts]

Last of the Summer Winehammer Rules Pack V2
Elite 4: x2 Company Veterans (2×20) Sergeant Lightning Claw (1×3) Chainsword (1×0) Storm Shield
(2×4) [51pts]
Fast Attack 1: x2 Attack bikes (2×50) Twin Boltguns (2×0) Multi-Melta (2×10) [120pts]
Fast Attack 2: x2 Attack bikes (2×50) Twin Boltguns (2×0) Multi-Melta (2×10) [120pts]
Fast Attack 3: x2 Attack bikes (3×50) Twin Boltguns (3×0) Multi-Melta (3×10) [180pts]
Fast Attack 4: x5 inceptors (5×40) Plasma Exterminators (10×10) [300pts]

Last of the Summer Winehammer Rules Pack V2
Each game will be played on a 60”x44” table, please note the tables will be 72”x48” as will most of the
mat. These will be marked with masking tape prior to the event please do not remove the tape.
The terrain we are using will be consistent with the 9th edition standard and will be set up in such a
way that you will not need to reset between rounds.
Due to the nature/design of the terrain there may be instances where there are very small gaps
between containers etc that are intended to block LoS. If this occurs common sense should be used,
and those gaps be ignored if in doubt please call a referee over.

What Models Can be Used?
The tournament is not limited to using Games Workshop models only, Forge World and other
company’s models can be used if they clearly represent the codex unit and are WYSIWYG.
Converted models are allowed if they are WYSIWYG and based on the current correct base size for
that model; a model that has been inappropriately modelled in such a way that its sole intent is to gain
an advantage will be removed as a casualty.
If a converted model or an older version of the actual model is of varying size to the current official
model (I am looking at you Be’Lakor) then the rough height/size of the current official model may be
used for LoS purposes, the model must also be based on the current correct base size for the model
it is representing.
If you are unsure in anyway, please contact me before the event.
Any unapproved models run the risk of being removed.

Last of the Summer Winehammer Rules Pack V2
What is classed as painted?
Tables always look better when the miniatures on them are fully painted and based, that is why this
event will add painting scores/penalties. All models must be battle ready – to do this every model in
the army must meet the below standards as a minimum:
1) Painted with 3 colours and based
2) Either have some recess shading and or dry brushing which go above 3 flat colours
3) Armies must be cohesive, any obviously borrowed models will count against this
If it is found out after the game that opponents have waved/incorrectly scored battle ready, then there
may be penalties awarded.
Please note any unpainted or undercoated miniatures will be removed as a casualty.

Paint schemes
Space Marine Chapters, Tyranid Hive Fleets, Tau Septs, Imperial Guard Regiments etc
It does not matter what colour your models are painted so long as your army list clearly indicates what
chapter trait, hive adaption etc each detachment is using, if you are using two or more detachments
with differing abilities then each detachment must be distinguishable from the other.
Example 1, detachment one is a Raven Guard successor with the Born Heroes and Whirlwind of
Rage chapter tactics and are painted Silver, Detachment 2 are Blood Angels and painted Red this is
fine as both you players can distinguish which models belong in which detachment.
Example 2 a Tyranid Army has a patrol detachment as Kraken and a Battalion detachment as
Behemoth both are painted Blue however the bases in the Kraken Patrol are Green and the
Behemoth Battalion are Black. Again, this would be acceptable as both players are able to distinguish
which models have with adaptations.

The event will use missions drawn from the most up to date grand tournament pack (currently 2021)
and the mission will be announced on the day prior to each round.

Who will you play?
In each round you will play one of the pre-set scenarios. After each round you will play against a
different opposing player, in the first round you will be randomly paired against an opposing player.
After the first round you will be paired based on your number of wins.

Last of the Summer Winehammer Rules Pack V2
Who’s won?
Each game will be scored on the 100 victory points available i.e.45 for the primary Objective, 15 for
each of the 3 secondary objectives and the10 points for having a battle ready army (definition of a
battle ready army is in the painting section of this pack).
The winner of the event will be the person with the most wins and the most victory points. In the
unlikely event of a draw we will take strength of schedule into consideration.

Rules Breaches
Mistakes happen from time to time and especially in a game with written rules, numerous editions and
source materials being released all the time. Any potential mistakes with your opponent should be
raised with them and clarified and the source material produced.
If you think you opponent is purposefully cheating, then please let me or a referee know immediately
as we are unable to rectify the situation after the event.
Anybody found purposefully cheating will be asked to leave, score 0 points for the tournament and
you will not be eligible for any of the prizes. They will also not be eligible to attend one of my events