Penn-IX 2022(40K Event) (Tickets available)

16th January 2022 @ 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Holmfirth Gaming centre
Unit 1 Albion Mill Miry lane Thongsbridge
Jay Muffitt
Penn-IX 2022(40K Event) (Tickets available) @ Holmfirth Gaming centre

THE PLUNDER OF PENN IX (Tickets available)




The Imperial world of Penn IX is gone. Lost to the warp never to be seen by mortal eyes again. But the Penn system is host to more than one habitable world. In the years since the loss of the planet the new Pen IX previously Pen Xhas changed, the shift in gravitational forces, has rendered the planet more hospitable to life it’s become much warmer and wetter sporting a new host of life forms and resources rich for the picking.

The new climate whilst now able to support life is still in its infancy and is racked with mighty hurricanes and rainstorms which has forged mighty rivers through iron deserts and has turned wastelands into tropical oasis’s. The drastic changes in the makeup of this world have exposed previously long-lost ruins, the origin of these are unknown but they appear to be ancient beyond comprehension. 

The construction of these ancient ruins is a mystery, but it is obvious that two very different and distinct races waged mighty wars here in times past. The ruins to the east are crude and shabby, scrawled with primitive images of gods long forgotten. Located within the great swamps, this place reeks of damp sporing fungus and a familiar stench of Xenos. In comparison the ruins to the west black and angular emit an aura of something evil ready to awaken.

Whatever these ruins are they only increase the interest of the ever watching eyes of potential raiding parties, for alien races have come to Pen IX for generations to plunder its bountiful resources and things aren’t about to change now. But they must be quick a storm is coming….

Basic Event information


The Date:


16 January 2022


The Place:


The Holmfirth Gaming Centre (HGC)







The Holmfirth Gaming Centre

1 Albion Mill 

Miry Lane



Please note the event space is not on the ground floor and there is no lift in the building, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like further details.


Event Details:

Event Capacity – 50 Players

Entry Cost – £20 per person

Tickets are available and can be obtained via 

The Plunder of Penn IX will have a reserves list so that in the unfortunate event of dropouts after the Insert Date, we may still be able to ensure the venue is full and I can refund if necessary. Please however do not transfer entries without contacting Insert Contact first as I will not be able to honour ticket transfers that have not been approved and I will not permit entry to anyone that is not on the entrants list.

Please note that photographs will be taken, and the event may be recorded for use in promotional materials in the future. If you object to being filmed please let us know at Insert Contact Details


The Holmfirth Gaming Centre will provide a pre prepared lunch on the day.

Please note whilst the venue will do its best, it cannot guarantee that the food provided doesn’t contain or hasn’t come into contact with allergens. Whilst they will take steps to minimise risk and safely handle the foods that contain potential allergens, please be advised that cross contamination may occur, as factors beyond reasonable control may alter the formulations of the food served or manufacturers may change their formulations without the venue’s knowledge.

Therefore, please let us know at Insert Contact Details if you have any dietary requirement, allergies etc prior to the event.

COVID Restrictions 

Covid & Lockdown restrictions in England are currently lifted however there may be unforeseen circumstances arising in the future regarding potential limits of the number of people able to gather in one place and or social distancing. The Holmfirth Gaming Centre will aim to inform people of any changes as soon as practically possible.

If the limit to the amount of people allowed in the venue changes, then I may have to reduce the number of attendees. In this case I will reduce the number of people attending in reverse order of entrants, so entrant 50 would be the first to be removed from the event. If this scenario was to play out, full refunds to those individuals impacted would be made irrespective.

If Government restrictions prevent the event from going ahead, a decision will be made as to whether the event can be rescheduled or has to be cancelled completely. I will endeavour to contact entrants as soon as practically possible and arrange refunds if necessary.

What can you win?

Ruthless Plunderer The player with the most gaming points at the end of the day.

Paramount Plunderer: The player with the most Loot points that they have managed to teleport to their orbiting ships.

Most Pioneering Plunderer: The Tournament Organiser will award this to the player with the army that they believe best suits the plunder theme. Best themed army with background story. 

Prettiest Plunderer: Players choice award. You will be asked to arrange your army for viewing during the lunch-break if you wish to enter. Players will then nominate their top three. 

Most Pitiful Plunderer: The person that had the least loot points at the end of the day will be declared the most Pitiful. You may also be in receipt of some new dice to see if that improves your luck 


Time Table


The schedule is as follows:


08:30 – 09:00 Venue Opens
09:00 – 09:15  Pre-event Brief
09:15 – 10:45 Round 1 Beech Head
11:00 – 12:30 Round 2  Please leave your armies out for Best Army shortlisting
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch
13:30 – 15:00 Round 3
15:15 – 16:45 Round 4
16:45 Onwards  Awards, Thank you and good byes


Tournament Rules


This Tournament will be using the English version of the Warhammer 40K 9th Edition Rulebook, all 9th Edition Codices and Campaign books (e.g. Book of Rust) and any 8th Edition Codices and Psychic Awakenings that have yet to be superseded by the 9th Edition Rules.

Any games Workshop FAQ release prior to the list submission date (please see List Format section) will be used. If any FAQ is released after this date a review will be undertaken and the FAQ may be used if applicable.

In addition, this Tournament will be using the most up to date version of the Grand Tournament Pack (Currently 2021). 

Please note this event will allow Forge World rules to be used however any unit classified as Legends cannot be used.

Points costs must be the most up to date version source available.

If the GW FAQ does not cover a certain rules interaction I will defer to the WTC FAQ.

Armies must be no more than 1000 points. 

Armies must be drawn from one faction and one faction only. Please note you can not use Imperium, Chaos, Aeldari and Tyranids as your faction. Furthermore, you cannot mix Nurgle, Tzeentch, Slaanesh and Khorne keywords i.e. no units drawn from both the Chaos Space Marine Codex and also from the Daemons Codex sharing the God Keyword. Lastly no mixed Space Marines i.e. one detachment can’t be from the Blood Angels and the other from the Space Wolves.

  • No Fortifications – You are a raiding party after all.
  • You must possess a hard copy of the rules.
  • No named characters.

Lists must be submitted to the TO on the day si they can be checked be sure you bring a separate copy for your opponent.

Random Events – The Planet of Penn IX is a funny place and not everything is as at seems this event will be using random events for this tournament on Battle Round 3 please open the envelope on your table and follow the instructions sometimes these will good sometimes these will be maybe less good sometimes they will not even impact your game although they may impact someone else’s Mwa haha.




Please be advised that following your entry into the event the decisions of the Referees regarding rules decisions/interpretations and in all issues of health and safety are final. There will be no discussions once a decision is made, this is applied to all aspects of the event including but not limited to; rules adjudications, the scores applied for any category of the event, and any issues that require the cooperation of the competitors. Failure to comply will result in a yellow card, any further argument may result in a second yellow card and you will be asked to leave the event.

Please note if you receive 2 yellow cards over the course of the event you will be asked to leave, score 0 points for the tournament and you will not be eligible for any of the prizes.

I must insist on the highest standards of behaviour for this event, this applies to not only the Referees and myself but also to each other and members of the Holmfirth Gaming Centre Staff.

I will strive to make sure that all players have opponents and that all entrants get to play a game each round. People leaving the event early do not only make things difficult for me as the organiser but also adversely impact others as they may potentially miss a round. I appreciate that sometimes this is unavoidable, and emergencies do happen therefore, I would be grateful that if you do have to leave midway through the event or cannot make day 2 that you let me or a member of the event team know. 

Any player who is more than 15 minutes late to any round without a very good reason will suffer an immediate loss by the maximum points.



Game 1 – Planet Fall


Mission: Crossfire – Page 14/15 GT 2021 Mission Pack 

Additional Rules:

Your Force has landed on Penn IX and you are trying to establish a beach head and luckily there appears to be a cache of loot the Gods/Emperor/Fate whoever has blessed you this day.

Unfortunately for you it appears someone else’s God/Emperor/Fate has landed them in proximity you must now not only establish you landing zone but also ensure you get some of the loot aswell

Loot will be awarded based on the following scoring system:

VP Difference:

0 = 10 – 10

1-4 = 11 – 9

5-8 = 12 – 8

9-12 = 13 – 7

13-16 = 14 – 6

17-20 = 15 – 5

21-24 = 16 – 4

25-28 = 17 – 3

29-32 = 18 – 2

33-36 = 19 – 1

37+ = 20 – 0

Game 2 – Gather the Loot


With the beach head established your part heads out to gather more loot however you are not the only one.

Mission: Resupply – Page 16/17 GT 2021 Mission Pack 

Additional Rules:

You will be awarded 3 Loot for each 5 primary points scored.


Game 3 – The Raid 


There appears to be another raiding party not to far from you your commander in orbit has decided that its worth the risk taking the opportunity to commandeer their loot and add it to your own.

Mission: Raid – Page 18/19 GT 2021 Mission Pack 

Additional Rule

This is a raid mission if you or your opponent doesn’t have 12 raid counters you will be awarded enough loot to take you to 12 Loot

Loot will be distributed per the following:

Half the total loot will be put into the centre objective.

The other half of your loot can be put on any objective you wish.

At any point Infantry can walk onto the objective and steal up to 5 Loot these can be passed off to other models but only Infantry can steal it.

If you kill a unit that holds any loot the loot is dropped at the point and again can only be picked up by Infantry.

If you control the objective by the end of the game you receive all the loot on that objective.

Mission 4 – Escape


You have you loot you need to get off the planet before the impending doom comes to pass.

Mission: Ascension – Page 22/23 GT 2021 Mission Pack  

Additional Rules:

In order to get the loot off the planet your orbital commander has designated certain extraction sites.

The designated extraction sites are you guessed it the objectives! you assign the Loot to each objective how you see fit however loot can only be extracted by the following method

Action – Teleport 

An Infantry unit can perform the teleport action once per turn at the end of the movement phase and lasts until the end of the next command phase this will cause loot to be transported to your command ship in orbit.

Home Objectives – 5 Loot

Mid board Objectives – 10 Loot

Opponents Objectives – 15 Loot