The North remembers! (warhammer fantasy battles) (Tickets Available)

2nd April 2022 @ 8:30 am – 3rd April 2022 @ 6:00 pm
Holmfirth Gaming centre
Unit 1 Albion Mill Miry lane Thongsbridge
Jay Muffitt

The North remembers (Warhammer fantasy event) (Tickets available)

Warhammer fantasy battles event


Changes from the usual Triple Crown pack are marked in GREEN. If you don’t like them, blame me
not them!!! As always some comps may have been removed all together. If I have done this I will

strikethrough the entry.

Welcome to The North Remembers tournament pack. It’s been an sporadic event, with different
formats and locations, but I’m hoping we can make this our permanent home going forward! Thanks
to the Triple Crown Wargaming team for allowing me to use (and butcher) their comp pack, though
there will be some small changes based on the previous events, games we have played, feedback
and personal preference. Added to this the Triple Crown Comp pack is designed for games of 2500
points, not the 3000 this event will use. Let me introduce myself, my names is Tim Richardson and I
will be organising the event; if you have any questions that were not covered by this pack please do
not hesitate to contact me on:

Now, let’s get started with some general points:
. This is a two day event for eighth edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle using 3000 point armies
. It is being held at a new venue this year; the Holmfirth Gaming Centre in…well Holmfirth. (All
details of the venue can be found at the bottom of this pack)
. The event will be using a roll call comp system; all of which is included in this pack.
. Tickets prices are £32 per person and are available buy making a payment Paypal via goods and
services to Please label your payments with ‘(name) TNR Ticket (if
buying for more than 1 person, please add all name in the label, not just the senders).
. Lunch is included on both days in your ticket price.
. Unpainted armies are allowed but please be aware that event awards points for painting and
sportsmanship as well as gaming, so if you want the best score possible get those brushes working!
. There will be awards for the best package and best piece of thematic scenery.
What can I use? The following factions and army lists will be allowed at this event:
. All the final Warhammer 8th edition Armies books (Beastmen, Bretonnia, Daemons of Chaos, Dark
Elves, Dwarfs, High Elves, Lizardmen, Ogre Kingdoms, Orcs and Goblins, Skaven, The Empire, Tomb
Kings, Vampire Counts, Warriors of Chaos and Wood Elves)
. The Legion of Azgorh (Chaos Dwarfs) from the Tamurkhan book
. The Great Host of Chaos list from the Tamurkhan book is NOT allowed; however the units from it
may be taken in their relevant armies as indicated in their relevant army section.
. The Warhammer Armies Project books ARE allowed, please contact me if you wish to bring one as
comp will be worked out collaboratively and on an individual basis due to lack of playtesting by me!

. End Times units and characters ARE NOT allowed because…well, I think we all know why!
.Third party models and Proxy models or Conversions are allowed as long as it is clear to your
opponents what the model is now representing; in short if you have made an effort to do something
cool it will probably be fine. If you are at all unsure if your model will be allowed please send a photo
or two to and I will confirm if we are happy to let the model(s)
be used.
What should I bring?
. Your army. Dice, tape measure, and any gaming aids needed by your army
. *OPTIONAL* 1 Piece of themed terrain and/or a mini representing your Merchant Prince. See
Mission Pack below
. Movement trays for any unit of 3 or more models
. Warhammer 8th edition rulebook
. The latest edition of your army book and any supplement books you require
. 2 printed copies of your army list
. Any FAQs you will be relying on – if you don’t have it and a copy can’t be found, expect to be ruled

Building your Army: Ok, so now the fun starts, getting your army together. This is a 3000pts event.
Please be aware that all army lists for this event will need to have the following:
. Your Name at the top
. The name of the faction you are intending to use
. Your Comp Score
. Unit (points), General/magic lore, Upgrades (points), Total points
. Your Armies total points cost
. Your list will need to be submitted to by 1st March 2022. Late
submission will result in a 5 TP deduction from your final event score. Please title your email ‘(Your
name) The North Remembers’.
The event will use the 25% Lords and Heroes allowance as per The Original Warhammer Fantasy 8th
Edition Rulebook, (please ignore the change to this is the last FAQ).

COMP AND LIMITATIONS. **** Finally One model in a unit may benefit from a look out sir roll
against the following spells; Dwellers below, Final Transmutation and The Dreaded 13th.
Building your list:
I’ve shamelessly ripped off the Triple Crown guys, it works like so:
. You start at 0
. For every choice in your army consult the comp guidelines below.
. Add or subtract as instructed to get your final score with the following conditions
. You can finish with a minus score
. You can never gain the plus bonus for duplicates of the same units more than twice; in other words
if you have 3 scourgerunner chariots you will only gain +2 to your score, not +3.
. Your score has a max upper limit of +10 but no lower limit, you can be a -50 if you can fit it in.
Your total comp score will be used in two ways: 1. Your first game opponent will not be random but
will be matched to you based on your comp score; so if I have a -5 list I will be playing someone in
game 1 with as close a comp score as possible. (Swiss pairing will match opponents after round 1) 2.
At the end of the tournament your overall comp score will be added or subtracted as appropriate
from your tournament score to give you your final position. Generic Comp (For all Armies): The
following Common Magic Items are composition points at this event:
. -1 Crown of Command if the wearer is Ld 7 or less, -2 if higher
. -1 for the Standard of Discipline if bearer or general are Ld7 or below, -2 if higher
. -1 for Fozzrik’s Folding Fortress
.-1 each for Armour of Destiny and/or Talisman of Preservation j
. +1 for the Arabyan Carpet
. +2 for the Wizarding Hat
The following criteria are compositions points if they are met:
. +2 if your army does not include an item that automatically dispels a spell (such as the Dispel Scroll,
Rune of Spellbreaking or the Cube of Darkness. This does not apply to Daemons of Chaos)
. +3 if your army does not contain a level 3+ wizard; but DOES contain other spell casters (this does
not apply to Dwarfs)
Units (not characters or single models) that cost over a certain points value will attract penalties as
per the below list:
. -1 per unit that costs between 450 and 599 points inclusive

. -3 per unit that costs between 600 and 749 points inclusive
. -5 per unit that costs 750 points or more
In addition, certain choices available to many armies have bonuses or penalties attached as follows:
. +1 for character mounted on a Monster
. +1 per character mounted on a Chariot
. -1 per character who knows 3 or more spells from the Lore of Death or the Lore of Life. (Special
Characters are exempt from this penalty as these penalties will be including in their comp score.)
. -1 per spellcaster who knows spells from the Lore of Light after the second
. +(X) if your army includes no duplicate choices of any kind; the same unit entry with different
equipment DOES count as a duplicate choice for this criteria. This value will be listed in the individual
army entries as some races suffer more from building this type of army than others. This is known as
‘Highlander’ and will be the last plus on each army’s composition bonus’.

Individual Army Composition:
Beastmen – Beastmen armies may select Marks of Chaos for their units as described in The End
Times: Archaon, however Beastmen do not pay the additional points costs for these marks. Marks of
Chaos are free for Beastmen armies. Where a ‘Common Magic Item’ is presented in the
Warhammer Rulebook and the Beastmen army book, players should use the Points
value presented in the Warhammer Rulebook and the Rules presented in the
Beastmen army book.
-1 per Wizard after the second, only if the Shard of the Herdstone is included
-1 per Tuskgor Chariot after the first 3
-1 if Slugtoungue is included in your army
-1 per Doombull with the Arabyan Carpet; this is increased to -2 if the Doombull also has a 3+ Ward
save. (The Doombull does not receive the +1 for Arabyan Carpet)

+1 for the first unit of 20+ Ungor Herds
+1 per unit of 5+ Minotaurs
+1 per unit of Centigors
+1 per Giant
+1 per Jabberslythe
+1 per Cygor
+1 per Ghorgon
+1 Khazrak The One Eye
+1 Gorthor The Beastlord
+1 Malagor, The Dark Omen
+1 Moonclaw, Son of Moorslieb
+1 Ungrol Four-Horn
+1 Ghorros Warhoof
. +4 Highlander

Bretonnia- The Following Bretonnian units gain the Devastating Charge special rule: Lord, Paladin,
Knights of the Realm, Knights Errant, Questing Knights, Pegasus Knights, Grail Knights and The Green
Knight. Remove the 0-1 selection limit to the following units: Grail Reliquae, Pegasus Knights and
Grail Knights. Where a ‘Common Magic Item’ is presented in the Warhammer Rulebook
and the Bretonnia army book, players should use the Points value presented in the
Warhammer Rulebook and the Rules presented in the Bretonnia army book.
-1 if you have Silver Mirror and Dispel Scroll
-1 per Trebuchet after the first
-1 Green Knight of Bretonnia
+1 per Hippogriff
+1 per Lord/Paladin on foot, +2 if the General is on foot
+1 for the first unit of 30+ Men-at-Arms
+1 for the first unit of Peasant Bowmen
+1 per unit of Mounted Yeomen
+1 per unit of Questing Knights over 5 models
+2 Grail Reliquae
+3 if you only have 1 unit of Knights in the army, reduced to +1 if you also take Pegasus Knights
. +3 Highlander

Chaos Dwarfs/ Legion of Azgorh-
-1 for the first K’daai Destroyer, -3 for the second.
-1 Chalice of Blood and Darkness
-2 if 2 Death Shrieker Rockets are included
-2 if 2 Magma Cannons are included
-1 per Hellcannon
-1 per Infernal Castellan after the 1st
-1 if your army contains more than 4 war machines (note that the Hellcannon and Irondaemon
both count for this)
-1 per Tau’ruk
. + 1 for the first unit of Chaos Dwarfs armed with Fireglaves
. +1 per unit of Chaos Dwarf Ironsworn
. +1 per unit of K’daai Fireborn
. +2 for the first unit of Bull Centaurs
. +4 if your army includes no war machines
. +1 per Lammasu
. +1 for the first unit of 40+ Hobgoblin Cutthroats
. +2 for Highlander

Daemons of Chaos- Mono God Armies- If your army consists solely of Daemons of a single Chaos
God, you may apply the below bonuses:
+1 if your army consists solely of Daemons of Tzeentch – also you may ignore the penalty for
multiple Tzeentch casters
+2 if your army consists solely of Daemons of Slaanesh
+2 if your army consists solely of Daemons of Khorne – also the penalty for having 2 Skull Cannons is
reduced to -2 (Instead of -3).

Plague Toads of Nurgle may be taken as specified in the Tamurkhan book; they are treated as
Daemons of Nurgle for the purposes of Epidemius Tally or when calculating the above bonus.
Pox Riders of Nurgle may be taken as specified in the Tamurkhan book; they are treated as
Daemons of Nurgle for the purposes of Epidemius Tally or when calculating the above bonus.
-4 Epidemius
-4 Kairos Fateweaver
-1 per Herald of Nurgle in the army more than units of 20+ Plaguebearers in the army
-1 per caster using the Lore of Tzeentch after the 2nd
-2 per unit of Beasts of Nurgle
-1 per Plague Drone unit after the 1st
-1 if you have 1 Skull Cannon of Khorne, -3 if you have 2 Skull Cannons
. -1 per 500points (or part thereof) spent on models with the Mark of Nurgle after the first 500.
+1 per Daemon Prince
+1 per Keeper of Secrets
+1 per Great Unclean One
+1 per Blood Throne of Khorne
+1 for the first unit of Daemonettes
+1 for the first unit of Bloodletters
+1 per Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh or Hellflayer of Slaanesh after the 1st
+1 per Burning Chariot of Tzeentch
+1 per unit of 4 or more Bloodcrushers
+1 per Exalted Chariot of Slaanesh
+1 Skarbrand
+2 Ku’Gath Plaguefather
+2 per unit of 4+ Nurglings
. +2 for Highlander

Dark Elves-
-3 for Morathi
-1 per character mounted on a Dark Steed or Pegasus who also has a sea dragon cloak after the 1st.
-1 Cloak of Twilight
-1 per Cauldron of Blood (Although it is a Chariot Mount, a model mounted on the Cauldron of
Blood does not benefit from the +1 for Characters mounted on Chariots)
-1 per Repeater Bolt Thrower after the 2nd
-1 per unit of 27+ Witch Elves
-1 per unit of 26+ Executioners
-1 per unit of Warlocks.
-1 per Dark Rider unit after the 2nd
+1 per High Beastmaster
+1 per Fleetmaster
+1 per Manticore
+1 for the first unit of 20+ Dreadspears
+1 for the first unit of 20+ Bleakswords
+1 for the first Hydra
+1 for the first Kharibdyss
+1 per Scourgerunner Chariot (Excludes Mounts)
+1 per Bloodwrack Medusa
+1 per Bloodwrack Shrine
+1 per unit of Sisters of Slaughter
. +1 for the first Assassin
. +1 Lokhir Fellheart
. +1 Kouran Darkhand
. +1 Tullaris Dreadbringer
. +3 for highlander

Dwarfs –
-1 if 2+ cannons are included; this is increased to -2 if any of these have runes
-1 if 2 Organ Guns are included; this is increased to -2 if any of these have runes
-1 if 2+ Grudge throwers are included; this is increased to -2 if any of these have runes
-1 if 2 flame cannons are included
-1 if your army contains more than 4 war machines (Anvil of Doom does not count for this)
-1 per Rune of spell breaking after the 1st (This is EVERY time this rune is selected, so two models
with two runes of spell breaking each is a -3 penalty for example)
-1 for every Gyrocopter after the 2nd
-1 Grim Burlockson
-1 Ungrim Incarnate of Fire (End Times: Thanqual)
-1 per Rune of Stoicism

+1 per unit of Slayers over 100 points. This bonus does not apply if there is more than 1 Giant
Slayer per 5 Slayers
+1 if your army DOES NOT include the Master Rune of Valaya
+1 per unit of Miners
+1 for the first unit of 20+ Dwarf Warriors
. +1 per Runelord (includes with Anvil of Doom)
. +1 per Daemon Slayer
. +1 per Dragon Slayer
. +1 Thorgrim Grudgebearer
. +1 Ungrim Ironfist
. +1 Belegar Ironhammer
. +4 if the army includes no war machines
. +3 if the army has no items that automatically dispel a spell (This replaces the generic comp for
automatic dispel items)
. +3 for Highlander

High Elves –
-1 Banner of the world dragon if it is on a Battle Standard Bearer
-3 Banner of the world dragon if it is on a unit standard bearer
-1 for the first Frostheart Phoenix , -2 per Frostheart after the first
-1 per character mounted on an Elven Steed who also has Dragon Armour after the 2nd.
-1 Book of Hoeth
-1 for each unit of Ellyrian Reavers after the 3rd
-1 for each Repeater Bolt Thrower after the 2nd
-1 for each unit of 26+ White Lions of Chrace
-2 Teclis
-3 Alarielle the Radiant
-1 for each unit of 10+ Dragon Princes
+2 per Archmage on Dragon
+2 per Dragonmage
+1 per Lothern Sea Helm
+1 for the first unit of 20+ Lothern Sea Guard
+1 for the first unit of 20+ Spearmen
+1 per Lion Chariot (excludes mounts)
+1 per unit of Shadow Warriors
+1 per unit of Tiranoc Chariots
+1 per Skycutter Chariot (excludes mounts)
+1 for the first Flamespyre Phoenix (excludes mounts)
+1 per unit of 3+ Great Eagles
. +1 per Griffon
. +1 Tyrion
. +2 Eltharion the Grim
. +1 Korhil
. +2 highlander

Lizardmen –
-1 for a Slann with both Harmonic Convergence and the Channelling Staff
-1 per Saurus character on Cold One after the 1st.
-1 if both Dispel Scroll and Cube of Darkness are in the army
-1 per unit of Skink Skirmishers after the 3rd
-1 per Chameleon Skinks unit after the 1st
-1 per unit of Skink Cohorts costing under 100 points, after the 2nd
-2 Tetto’Eko

+1 for a Saurus Scar-Veteran upgrade to a Battle Standard Bearer
+1 for Higher State of Consciousness
+1 for the first Skink Cohort containing at least 2 Kroxigor
+1 for the first unit of Ripperdactyl Riders
+1 per Bastilodon with Ark of Sotek
+1 per unit of 4+ Kroxigor
+1 per unit of 4+ Jungle Swarm
+1 per Stegadon (Note – does not include Ancient Stegadons)
+2 per Troglodon
. +1 per unit of 2+ Razordon
. +2 per unit of Cold One Riders
. +1 Chakax
. +1 Gor’rok
. +1 Tiktaq’To
. +1 Oxyotl
. +2 Tehenhauin. If Tehenhauin is your General and your army does not include any Saurus
characters, the penalties for Skink units do not apply.
.+3 for highlander

Ogre Kingdoms-
-1 for the hellheart
-1 Runemaw
-1 per unit of mournfang cavalry after the 1st
-1 per Ironblaster
-1 Dragonhide Banner
-1 per unit of 1 sabretusk after the 2nd
. -2 per unit of Rhinox Riders
+2 If no Monstrous Infantry unit in your army is bigger than 6 models
. +1 per Big Name
. +1 per Hunter
. +1 for the first unit of 20+ Gnoblars
. +1 per unit of 5+ Sabretusks
. +1 per unit of Yhetees
. +1 per Scraplauncher
. +1 per Slave Giant
. +1 per Thundertusk
. +2 if your army does not include any Ironblasters
. +1 Skrag the Slaughterer
. +2 Bragg the Gutsman
. +2 Greasus Goldtooth
. +3 for Highlander

Orcs and Goblins Night Goblin Squig Gobba’s may be taken as a rare choice in an Orcs and
Goblins Army.
+3 if your army contains only Goblins
+5 if your army contains only Orcs
*Mangler Squigs, Trolls and Giants can count as either Orcs or Goblins as you want. War machines
without Orc Bullies count as Goblins. War machines with Orc Bullies count as Orcs. Arachnarok
Spiders, Squig Herds and Squig Hoppers count as Goblins.

-1 for every Black Orc character you have more of than units of Black Orcs
-1 if you have more than 6 Fanatics
-1 per unit of Savage Orc Big’Uns of 30+ models. This is increased to -2 if the Lucky Shrunken Head
is also present in the army
-1 per Doom Diver Catapult
-1 per Rock Lobber
-1 per Mangler Squig

+4 if your army contains no war machines
+1 for the first unit of Orc Arrer Boyz
+1 for the first unit of 20+ Orc Boyz (including Big ‘Uns)
+1 for the first unit of Forest Goblin Spider Riders
+1 if you have 1 or more Nasty Skulkers
+1 per unit of Snotlings
+1 per unit of 20+ Black Orcs
+1 per unit of Orc Boar Boyz
+1 per unit of Savage Orc Boar Boyz
+1 per Arachnarok, +2 per Arachnarok with Catchweb Shrine upgrade (excludes mounts)
+1 per Giant
+1 if your army contains 1 or more characters on Giant Cave Squigs
+1 Azhag the Slaughterer
+1 Grom the Paunch
+1 Gitilla Da Hunter
+1 Snagla Gronspit
. +3 for Highlander

Skaven- Where a ‘Common Magic Item’ is presented in the Warhammer Rulebook and
the Skaven army book, players should use the Points value presented in the
Warhammer Rulebook and the Rules presented in the Skaven army book. Please note:
You do not receive the +1 for a character mounted on a chariot for models mounted upon the
Screaming Bell or Plague Furnace.
-1 if you take 2 of the following items, -2 if you take 3 of the following items, -3 if you take all 4:
• Brass Orb
• Power Scroll
• Storm Banner
• Doom Rocket
-1 for the first unbreakable unit, -2 per unbreakable unit after the first
-1 per Warlock Engineer after the 3rd
-1 per unit of Giant Rats with less than 10 models after the 2nd
-1 per unit of Rat Swarms with less than 3 swarms after the 1st
-1 per unit of 40+ Skaven Slaves
-1 per unit of Gutter Runners after the 2nd
-2 if 2 Doomwheels are included
-2 if 2 Warp Lightning Cannons are included
-1 per Hellpit Abomination

+1 for the first unit of Night Runners
+1 for the first unit of 20+ Giant Rats
+1 per Warp Grinder
+1 per Doom Flayer
+1 per unit of Rat Ogres
+1 per unit of 5+ Warplock Jezzails
+1 per unit of Plague Censer Bearers
+1 per unit of Poison Wind Globadiers
+1 per Rat Ogre Bonebreaker
+1 per Great Pox Rat
 +2 for the Vermin Lord (From Skaven army book ONLY)
+1 Thanquol (From Skaven army book)
+1 Ikit Claw
+1 Throt the Unclean
+1 Tretch Craventail
. +3 for Highlander

The Empire- The Empire may take the following units from the Tamurkhan book, they are taken
exactly as indicated in the Empire Bestiary section of the Tamurkhan book; Theadore Bruckner,

Lietpold the Black, Captain Van Der Kraal and Manann’s Blade, Magisterix Elspeth Von Draken,
Castellan-Engineer Judal Falk and the Nuln Ironsides, The Marienburg Class Landship.
-1 per War Altar
-1 if you have no Core Infantry in your army
-2 if 2 Great Cannons are included
-2 if 2 Helblaster Volley Guns are included
-1 per unit of Demigryph Knights after the 1st
-1 per Marienburg Class Landship
-1 for the first Steam Tank, -3 for a second
-1 if your army contains more than 4 war machines (note that Steam Tanks count as a war machine)
-1 for Theadore Bruckner (Tamurkhan)
-2 for Magisterix Elspeth Von Draken

+2 per Wizard Lord on a Griffin
+1 per Wizard Lord on a Luminark of Hysh
+1 per Wizard Lord on a Celestial Hurricanum
+1 Markus Wulfhart
+1 Marius Leitdorf
+1 per Mechanical Steed
+1 per Witch Hunter
+1 for the first unit (not detachment) of 20+ Swordsmen
+1 for the first unit (not detachment) of 20+ Free Company
+1 for the first unit (not detachment) of 20+ Spearmen
. +1 per unit of 20+ Greatswords
. +1 per unit of Outriders
. +1 per unit of Pistoliers
. +1 per unit of Flagellants
. +1 per Mortar
. +1 per Hellstorm Rocket Battery
.+3 for highlander

Tomb Kings- Tomb Kings armies start with an initial comp score of +3 (instead of the usual 0). In a
change to the normal rules, non-chariot units containing a Tomb King or Prince may march.

-1 High Queen Khalida
-1 per Hierotitan
-1 per 10 (or part of 10) Skeleton Archers in the army after 50
-1 per unit of Necropolis Knights after the 1st
-1 per Casket of Souls
-1 for the 2nd Screaming Skull Catapult
-1 Ramhotep the Visionary if the army only contains one unit of animated constructs
-1 per unit of Morghast Harbringers (End Times: Nagash)
-1 per unit of Morghast Archai (End Times: Nagash)
-1 Arkhan the Black

+1 for a Tomb Herald Battle Standard Bearer
+1 for the first unit of 20+ Skeleton Warriors (not Archers)
+1 for the first unit of Skeleton Horsemen (not Horse Archers)
+1 per unit of Tomb Swarms
+1 per unit of Ushabti
+1 per unit of Sepulchral Stalkers
+1 per Necrosphynx
+1 per unit of 20+ Tomb Guard
+1 per Necrolith Colossus
+1 Prince Apophas
+1 The Herald Nekaph
. +4 for Highlander

Vampire Counts-
-1 per Red Fury
-1 per Quickblood
-1 per Ethereal character after the 1st
-1 per unit of Dire Wolves after the 3rd
-1 per unit of 8+ Crypt Horrors
-1 per character mounted on a Nightmare, Barded Nightmare or Hellsteed after the 2nd
-1 for the 2nd unit of Hexwraiths, -2 for the 3rd unit of Hexwraiths
-1 per unit of 1 Spirit Host after the 2nd
-1 for the first Terrorgheist, -2 for each Terrorgheist after the first (Excludes Mounts)
-1 if your army includes more than 2 Deathshrieks
-1 Count Mannfred

+2 per Zombie Dragon
+2 per Abyssal Terror
+1 per Coven Throne
+1 for the first unit of 40+ Skeleton Warriors
+1 for the first unit of 40+ Zombies
+1 per unit of Bat Swarms
+1 per Corpse Cart
. +1 per unit of 20+ Grave Guard
. +1 per unit of 5+ Vargheists
. +1 per Black Coach
. +1 per unit of Blood Knights
. +2 for Vlad and Isabella Von Carstein in the same army
. +2 for Heinrich Kemmler and Krell in the same army
.+3 for Highlander

Warriors of Chaos-
Warriors of Chaos may take the following units from the Tamurkhan book, they are taken exactly as

indicated in the Warriors of Chaos section of the Tamurkhan book; Sayl the Faithless and Nightmaw,
Kayzk the Befouled, Bile Trolls of Chaos, Plague Toads of Nurgle. Mono God Armies- If your army
consists solely of units/characters with the same Mark of Chaos, you may apply the below bonuses.
Note that anything that does not have a Mark of Chaos, or an option for one, can all be included in
such an army without costing it this bonus
+1 Mark of Slaanesh
+1 Mark of Tzentch
+2 Mark of Khorne
-1 per character with a 3+ ward save, with an additional -1 should that character also have the
Third Eye of Tzeentch or a 2+ Armour Save or better
-1 per Daemonic Mount
-1 per Disc of Tzeentch
-1 per Core Chariot after the 2nd
Chimeras without the Regenerating flesh upgrade; -1 if 2 are taken, -3 if 3 are taken
Chimeras with the Regenerating flesh upgrade; -2 if 2 are taken, -4 if 3 are taken
-1 per unit of Skullcrushers of Khorne after the 1st
-1 per Hellcannon
-1 Throgg the Troll King
-1 per unit of Chaos Trolls taken as a Core choice
-1 for Galrauch
-1 per Daemon Prince, with additional penalties for the following options taken:
-1 for Mark of Nurgle
-1 for Daemonic Flight
-1 for a 2+ Armour Save or better
-1 Sayl the Faithless (Tamurkhan)
-1 per unit of Bile Trolls of Chaos (Tamurkhan)
. -1 per 500points (or part thereof) spent on models with the Mark of Nurgle after the first 500.
+1 for the first unit of 20+ Marauders
+1 per unit of Dragon Ogres
+1 for the first unit of 12+ Forsaken
+1 per Warshrine (Excluding Warshrine with Mark of Tzeentch)
+1 per unit of 15+ Chosen
+1 per Giant
+1 per Shaggoth
+2 per Slaughterbrute
+2 per Mutalith Vortex Beast
+1 per unit of Hellstriders
+1 Kholek Suneater
+1 Valkia the Bloody
. +2 Highlander

Wood Elves-
Wood Elves must declare on their army list what type of forest they are taking as their ‘free’ forest.

-1 per 10 (or part of 10) of models with Trueflight and/or Hagbane Tip arrows in the army after 40
-1 per Spellweaver on the Lore of Shadow
-1 Moonstone of the Hidden Ways
-1 for each character mounted on an Elven Steed after the 2nd
-1 per Waystalker after the 1st
-1 per unit of Sisters of the Thorn
-1 per unit of Wild Riders after the 1st
-1 per unit of Waywatchers after the 1st
-1 for each unit of Deepwood Scouts after the 2nd
. -1 if their ‘free’ forest is a Venom Thickett

+1 per Unicorn
+1 per Great Stag
+1 for the first unit of 25+ Eternal Guard
+1 for the first unit of Dryads
+1 per unit of 20+ Wildwood Rangers
+1 per unit of 5+ Wardancers
+1 per Treeman Ancient
+1 per unit of 3+ Great Eagles
. +1 per unit of Warhawk Riders
+1 per Branchwraith
+1 Araloth
+1 Drycha
+2 Orion
.+4 Highlander

The Mission Pack
Tournament Special Rules:
Downhill Charge: The people of Holmfirth have long been innovators in warfare. Since the
time of the Romans they have employed the steep hills around the village to push armoured
vehicles, sometimes with up to three veteran warriors inside, to disrupt the enemies ranks, as seen
in the documentary series Last of the Summer Wine (if you don’t get this reference ask your parents.
Or a northerner) If a unit completes a charge that would gain them the ‘charging downhill’ bonus to
their combat resolution that turn they also inflict D3 S4 impact hits in addition to any others (gut
charge, etc).
Suffer not the (un)clean!: All models at the tournament have Hatred (unpainted models) in
every round of combat.
There will be 5 games in all, 3 on day 1 and 2 on day 2.
Game 1 – Dawn Chorus
Deployment will be as per Dawn Attack (with the random deployment). Scouts deploy as normal,
always counting as out of line of sight.
Special Rules: A Red Sun Rises
The battle begins as dawn breaks on the encampments of the two armies. At the start of
your first PLAYER TURN roll 4D6 and multiply the result by 2, this is the distance your troops can see.
Any unit or model wishing to charge, shoot or cast spells on a target, or wishing to benefit from
Inspiring Presence and/or Hold Your Ground must be within this distance. Repeat the process at the
start of your second PLAYER TURN, although this time the distance is 4D6 x 4. From turn 3 onwards it
is full day, and fighting can continue as normal.
Super special rule: Units from Warhammer Armies Dwarfs and Skaven, plus any ‘Night goblin’ units
may see 4D6 x 4 on Turn 1 and normally from Turn 2.
Victory Conditions: The game lasts 6 turns. The victor is decided by comparing VPs in the usual way.

Game 2 – Seize the High Ground
Deployment will be as per Battle for the Pass, with the deployment zones extending 18” up the
Special Rules: It’s Over, I have the High Ground
In the centre of the board place a hill. At the start of turn 3 and at the start of the
subsequent PLAYER TURNS check to see if they have a unit is holding the high ground. For a unit to
hold the high ground, it must be on the summit of the hill, no enemy unit may also be on the hill
summit. And the unit must either contain fortitude (banner, the BSB or the general), or be a
monster. If a monster wishes to claim the High Ground it may not make any actions in the following
shooting phase, as it is busy roaring into the sky Godzilla style. At the start of each players’ own

turns 3, 4, 5 and 6 if they have a unit holding the high ground, they gain 200 VPs (per turn). Players
holding the High Ground at the end of the game score an additional 200VPs (in addition to any
scored at the start of their turns). This means a player can score up to 1000VPs across the game for
holding the high ground.
Rocky Summit: Units currently claiming the High Ground may never claim steadfast.
Victory Conditions: The game lasts 6 turns. The victor is decided by comparing VPs in the usual way.

Game 3 – Escort Duty.
Deployment will be as per battleline
Special Rules: Protect Your Package
It’s time to get your package out! It is represented by a 40mm square base (this may be a
50mm if it suits your army, for example Beastmen or Orcs, I’ll leave it to your discretion). This base
represents a precious item the army is escorting, a rich merchant and his bodyguards, a damsel
being escorted to a Grail Chapel, a particularly nice piece of fungus that Skarsnik needs, someone
carrying Archaon’s favourite Transformers lunchbox, whatever your imagination can create, even an
Ogre Prince! The statline is given below and they follow all the rules for characters, except they may
never issue or accept a challenge. They automatically pass any spell based characteristic test, and
cannot be affected by spells such as Final Transmutation and The Dreaded Thirteenth (although if
they are the last survivors of a unit that succumbs to the Dreaded Thirteenth the Skaven player may
create a unit of clanrats as if they wiped out the unit) because no one want their package sucked off
by Purple Sun do they?!

6 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 9 3+

Equipment: Hand Weapon
Special Rules: Valuable: A unit containing a package gains the ‘Stubborn’ special rule.
Not a commander: Units may not use the package’s Leadership

Victory Conditions: The game lasts 6 turns. The victor is decided by comparing VPs in the usual way.
There are bonus point available for the following: +100VPs if the Package is ‘alive’
(note these are cumulative allowing a maximum of +200VPs if the Package is not in your
+500 VPs) deployment zone at the end of the game
+200VP’s of the package is in your
opponent’s deployment zone at the end of
the game

If you don’t have a ‘package’ and we can’t find you one for some reason, they count as having been

Game 4 – Battle of the Obsidian Plains.
Deployment will be as per Battle for the Pass.
Special Rules: There is little magic here…
Obsidian Valley: the very walls of this valley interfere with the ability of wizards to
manipulate the winds of magic, but bound magic seems stronger than normal. Any attempts to cast
or dispel may only add a maximum of +2 from wizard’s level to them. Due to the lack of traction
wizrads get when binding the winds of magic, they must strain all the harder, making overwhelming
power even more devastating. If a miscast occurs, roll 3D6 and your opponent choses which dice to
ignore. Additionally a wizard under the effects of Throne of Vines must reroll if they successfully
ignore the miscast
Items which provide bonus’ to cast and dispel work as normal (making them super valuable
in this scenario!)

Special special rule: Dwarven Natural Resilience (the +2 to dispel), Night Goblin Mushrooms and
Warpstone tokens (except for those bought in the Magic Item allowance) may not be used in this
scenario (to counteract the bonus’ these armies got in game 1).

Victory Conditions:: The game lasts 6 turns. The victor is decided by comparing VPs in the usual way.

Game 5 – Trial by Combat
Deployment will be as per Battleline
Special Rules: Immortality. Take it, it’s yours!
Players must pick 1 Lord level character to duel before the game begins, after deployment,
but before vanguard moves. If no Lords are present, they may pick a hero. The characters are both
counted as being on foot (so adjust saving throws accordingly) but retain all their other equipment
and special rules. Fight 1 round of combat as if they were in a challenge, although there is no combat
resolution. The first round of the duel counts as the first round of combat for the purposes of Hatred
etc, but neither combatant counts as charging. Any one use items used count as being used for the
duration of the battle. If at least 1 wound is caused and/or one or both combatant is killed, the duel
finishes at the end of that round. If no wounds are caused, fight another round of combat. Continue
this process until a wound or more are caused or for a total of 3 rounds of combat. Any wounds
caused carry over into the game proper, and models slain in the duel begin the battle on 1 wound
and the opponent gains the +250VPs bonus.

If the duel was fought for 3 rounds with no victor, both sides receive a -250VP penalty as their men,
seeing how pathetic their commanders are, lose heart. The side that won the duel gets to decide if
they want to vanguard first, and who gets the first turn.

Victory Conditions:: The game lasts 6 turns. The victor is decided by comparing VPs in the usual way.

Tournament Points

Use the following table to calculate the number of Tournament Points you have won:
Victory Point Difference Winner’s TPs Loser’s TPs
0 – 250 10 10
251 – 500 11 9
501 – 750 12 8
750 – 1000 13 7
1001 – 1250 14 6
1251 – 1500 15 5
1501 – 1750 16 4
1751 – 2000 17 3
2001 – 2250 18 2
2251 – 2500 19 1
2501 + 20 0

Army themed terrain
In order to provide a bit more hobbying action, this event allows you to bring one piece of terrain
that is themed to your army. The maximum size of the piece of terrain is 9 inches square, and can
represent one of the following MUNDANE pieces of terrain:
Etc (if you want to bring something that doesn’t fit into these categories, please get in touch
with your idea and some pics!)
The idea here is to be creative, so if you’re not sure about something, send me some pics or
questions to and we can have a chat! The themed terrain is
placed during deployment as if it were a unit. It MUST be placed as the first ‘unit’ at least three
inches from any other terrain piece and at least half of the footprint must be in your deployment

If you can’t provide a piece of themed scenery, please let me know at the above email and
I’ll see if I can dig one up for you (perhaps literally if you’re a Tomb King player!)

Winning the Tournament:
Firstly we will take all of your tournament points from your gaming (Max 100). Then we will add or
subtract your comp score from this number. Next we will add any points that you have gained for
your armies painting. Finally we will add any points that you have gained from Sportsmanship across
the event. The person who has the highest score once all of these numbers have been crunched is
the overall winner.

Sportsmanship Points: I think I speak for most Warhammer players when I say we all want to enjoy
our games at any event. At the end of each of your games you will each fill in a results sheet, telling
us your name, what the game’s final score was etc. Also there will be 3 short questions on the
bottom of this sheet. These extra 3 questions are to help us work out a sportsmanship score for each
of you. At the end of the tournament we will add a score of between 0 and 15 additional TP’s to
every players score for sportsmanship. The questions that you spend a couple of minutes answering
at the end of each game will help us to establish this score for each of you, so please be honest, it
could help someone win the whole event! The three(ish) questions we will ask you are:

. Did your opponent try to make the game enjoyable for you both?
. Was your opponent honest and fair throughout the game?
. Did your opponent conduct themselves in a poor manner? Please expand below

Painting Points: Whilst you may attend The North Remembers with a completely unpainted or based
army it might be worth cracking out your brushes all the same! There are an additional 10 TP’s
available for painting at this event and like the Sportsmanship points above, it could be the
difference between winning and losing the event, and your opponent will receive hatred against
your unpainted minis!
The answers to those questions will be used to score every armies painting between 0 and 10
additional TP’s. Best Painted- On Sunday Lunchtime players may display their package and terrain
piece for judging. The event organiser and assorted cronies will select the one package and terrain
that we feel is the best. The overall winner will be announced at the end of the event and receive a

The awards: The Following awards will be up for grabs:
1. The King in the North – Overall winner
2. The Sword in the Darkness – Bloodiest General.
3. Best Package (!)
4. Best themed terrain piece.
5.The Nick Gaughan Nice Guy Award – Most Sporting Player.

All of the awards will have prize support in the form of gift vouchers and final totals will be
confirmed closer to the day (as it’s depending on ticket sales!)

Scheduling: The scheduling for the event will be as follows. Remember as these are 3,000 point
games timings will be tight, so please be punctual if possible, especially with handing in results at the
end of your game.

• 9:30 Venue open & registration
• 10:00 – 12:30 Round 1
• 12:30 – 13:15 Lunch
• 13:15 – 15:45 Round 2
• 15:45 – 16:00 Break
• 16:00 – 18:30 Round 3

• 9:30 Venue opens
• 10:00 – 12:30 Round 4
• 12:30 – 13:30 Lunch & Best painted army judging

• 13:30 – 15:45 Round 5
• 16:00 Awards and hometime!

The venue:
The North Remembers will be taking place at the Holmfirth Gaming Centre in…Holmfirth…obviously.
A beautiful village there are plenty of B&Bs in the area, and being out of season it shouldn’t be too
expensive to find accommodation. The venue is a converted mill, and to my knowledge doesn’t have
disabled access, although if you want to make sure, I’d recommend contacting the venue on

The gaming centre is on the top floor, if someone is trying to crane kick you in the head, you need to
go up another floor, it’s the one above the dojo.

They will be serving lunch and they are licenced for alcohol (You’re welcome Sam!)
The address is,
Holmfirth Gaming Centre,
1 Miry Ln,
New Mill,

All current WFB FAQ’s available from Games Workshop/ Forgeworld will be used at this event
alongside this document. If this FAQ or comp pack contradicts any rules found in one of those FAQ’s
this document takes precedent.
True line of sight will be used. The exception is hills which block all line of sight across the crest of
the hill. If the top of the hill is flat, only models actually on the flat part may see/be seen.
Open ground does NOT count as terrain for the purposes of the Curse of Anraheir and the Ash
Storm spells.
Birona’s Timewarp cannot increase a unit’s movement value above 10, so max march would be 20
The wizard who miscast cannot get a Look out Sir from damage from a miscast template.
Units cannot swift reform and garrison a building in the same turn.
All buildings (Including Fozzriks Folding Fortress, Rock of inevitability etc) may be garrisoned by a
MAXIMUM OF 25 WOUNDS worth of models and are always counted as having two floors.
Units may only ever be called upon to take one terror test per movement phase. If passed they are
considered immune to terror for the rest of the phase.
. Cannon balls that hit a character riding a mount must randomise which is hit as per regular
shooting (This is a change from the rulebook). The part of the target not struck is unaffected by the
hit (for example a character’s Charmed Shield may not deflect a cannon ball that hits their mount).
. Cannon balls MUST be able to see the spot where they are being placed when firing.
. Cannons cannot be fired at a target that cannot be seen (if you can’t see it, then you don’t know its
hiding there!)
. Cannon balls cannot bounce through impassable terrain or buildings. The cannon ball will however
inflict hits on any unit garrisoning a building as normal.
. Cannons mounted on chariots, such as the Ironblaster, Skullcannon and steam tank may not pivot
in the shooting phase and like all other cannons must shoot in a straight line forward from the
A Character model may make way at the start of any round of close combat.
 A ‘Lord’ level model may always refuse a challenge from a non-lord level character (unless
there are other special rules preventing this such as Eye of the Gods), without penalty. Heroes
may always refuse challenges from champions without penalty.
A model in a challenge cannot be affected by any enemy breath weapons or impact hits done by
models from outside the challenge.
. A model in a challenge in considered out of the challenge at the end of the initiative step in which
the loser was killed. If the rider or mount has a lower initiative and has yet to attack, they may do so
against any other models in base contact (including breath weapons, thunderstomps, etc)
Ironcurse Icon works against all Weapons that fire like a War Machine.
Immunity to Killing Blow also gives immunity to Heroic Killing Blow.
. A model with Always Strike First and EQUAL initiative to their opponent DOES NOT reroll missed
attacks. (This is a change to the rulebook)
A model with Always Strike First and with an equal or higher initiative than an enemy model with
Always Strike First and Always Strike Last will get to re-roll to hit rolls in close combat against that
If the general character model is killed but his mount survives you still receive the +100vp for killing
the general, and the fortitude points for slaying the general; although you do not receive the victory
points for the cost of that model,
If 2 characters have incompatible base sizes to the unit they are joining then they are placed on
either side of the unit. A 3rd character with an incompatible base size may not join the unit.
The item Chalice of Blood and Darkness cannot MAY be used between casting and dispelling a spell.

All mounts, except ridden monsters, are ignored for leadership purposes for the Spell Treason of
Tzeentch. In the case of chariots the creatures pulling the chariot and the chariot’s leadership are
Cavalry models use the highest Toughness value when calculating the ‘to wound’ value. (in effect
this makes Dark Elf Cold One Knights Toughness 4. I can’t think of any other units this would impact.)
The Tally of Pestilence has no affect while Epidemius is held in reserve.
Only 1 character may charge out of a unit per phase.
Virtual Pivoting is NOT allowed.
The Battle Standard Bearer may take mundane items available to normal heroes of their type
The -1S from the Blizzard Aura special rule for Frostheart Phoenixes does not stack.
The High Magic Lore Attribute increases all Ward Saves as well as all conditional Ward Saves a
model may have. If a model only has conditional Ward Saves then it also receives a 6+ Ward Save.
The army list does not need to state any Lores for Alarielle. She chooses her Lore(s) at the start of
each game as per her special rules.
The army list must state if Teclis is using High Magic or Battle Magic. If you are choosing Battle
Magic then Teclis MAY NOT pick his spells at the start of every game, and must note them in the
army list when submitting.(hence the reduced comp).
Models with the Predatory Fighter rule may benefit from it when fighting from the second or
subsequent ranks.
Piranha Blade only gives Multiple Wounds (D3) Special Rule while being used in close combat.
. Skink characters mounted on a Stegadon may use their ballistic skill to fire up to one of the
mounted weapons.
Burning Alignment and The Deliverance of Itza target all enemy units within the specified distance
of the spells. This applies even if the enemy unit is engaged in close combat or in the rear/flank arc
of the model casting the spell.
Tiktaq’To may join units of Terradon Riders.
Daemonic characters with more than 1 magic weapon can only benefit from the effects of 1
weapon at a time. They must declare at the start of the player turn which weapon the character is
using; any other magic weapons have no effect whatsoever for the duration of that turn.
The Cauldron of Blood does not allow re-rolls on ranged attacks or spells.
The army list does not need to state any Lores for Morathi. She chooses her Lore(s) at the start of
each game as per her special rules.
A model with Hatred (High Elves) has Hatred against all models taken from the High Elf Army Book.
A shot from a doom diver war machine may never hit more than a single unit; if two units are
struck by a doom diver marker the controlling player decides which one they hit. (This is to avoid
issues with the size of the marker etc).
The Skaven Spell Cracks Call may be cast into combat and through friendly units as it does not have
a target.
Other Skaven Spells may not be cast into combat unless they specifically say so or mention it in
their description.
A charging Skaven unit that has moved forward d6 inches as a result of a Screaming Bell allows no
charge reactions.
The army list does not need to state any Lores for a Skaven Grey Seer or Verminlord as they can
freely mix Spells of Plague and Ruin as per their special rules.
A Hellpit Abomination that has had its strength reduced or increased will use the new strength
when working out any of its special attacks.
When making their special movement attack, Hexwraith models measure distance moved from
starting point, to enemy unit they are attacking and back to a legal position. The
distance moved cannot exceed their movement value or double this if they marched. They MAY NOT
reform inside an enemy unit.

Death Shriek and Ghostly Howl are not considered special shooting attacks which may target
enemy units in close combat.
. When a ridden monster is hit with a Terrorgheist or Banshee Deathshriek attack wounds are
allocated as evenly as possible, with any odd wounds randomised as per shooting.
Any wizard may take the Lore of Undeath as presented in End Times: Nagash
Wood Elves armies may duplicate their enchanted across more than one unit.
Soul Feeder may NOT be used to gain wounds back from both Stomps and Breath weapon attacks.
.Units fleeing at the end of the game, and/or unit’s under 25% strength yield HALF their victory
points to the opponent.