Yorkshire Games Expo

6th October 2018 – 7th October 2018 all-day
Holmfirth Gaming Centre
Unit 1 Albion Mill
Miry Lane
Owen Parry

Welcome to the first Yorkshire Games Expo.

This is an event about skirmish and lesser known miniature war games.

  • Want to know more about a game with 5 models a side?
  • Want to try out a new game before you invest?
  • Want to try something new?
  • Want to talk to the manufacturers about what’s new and what’s coming?
  • Do you want to know more about table top gaming?

This is the event for you.



On the day there will be manufacturers showing their most recent and popular games. There will also be a raffle with a growing prize pot, a bring and buy to trade and pick up bargains and hot and cold food made fresh.


On the day you will be able to try out “Dead Man’s Hand” from Great Escape Games. A wild wild west themed game of wily cowboys and stoic lawmen at 28mm.



For something a bit more renascence try Carnivale by TT Combat. A fast paced game set in a steam punk version of Venice at 28mm.



If that is not enough fun for you, come back for another gem from TT Combat – “Rumble Slam.” Fantasy wrestling. If you grew up of WWF / WWE then this could be for you.



Have you grown up on 2000 AD? “Strontium Dog” by Warlord Games could be for you. A 28mm 2000 AD game based on the popular comic strip.



Warlord will not stop there. They will be taking the fight to them with “Blood Red Skies.”



Firelock Games will be attending the Saturday only with their excellent Pirate based game “Blood and Plunder.”



War Banner will be there bringing their own brad of street fighting, gladiator style with “Gangs of Rome.”



For the first time in the UK, Creature Caster high quality resin models will be available to purchase. Check them out at www.creaturecaster.com

Mark Kelly a local tournament organizer of Batman the Miniatures Game by Knight models will be running demo’s on the day. Ask him about his upcoming events and what you can win on the day.

More updates coming soon.

Other Events

Bring and Buy

This is  how it works:

  • You drop off your unwanted items and tell us what you want for them.
  • We tape on your price.
  • A customer wants to by it and pays at the till.
  • When you leave you can pick up your cash  (minus a commission) or your item if it’s not sold.

Its that easy.

Growing Prize Pot Raffle

Over the weekend we are going to have a raffle. It will start with a large prize pot. As the tickets are sold we will keep on adding to the prize pot. Sometimes it will be small, other times it will be a big ticket item. The raffle will be drawn at the end of the event on Sunday. All prizes must be claimed with the corresponding ticket within 5 min of the draw. If the prize is not claimed then another ticket will be drawn. HGC will have final say over this.

Did we mention that the first prize for this was a Forgeworld Titan?

Hot and Cold Food

Over the event HGC staff will be working from our Juno kitchen. Whether want breakfast, lunch or tea then come and get it! From bacon sandwiches with our early entry tickets, to wedges and a burger before you go home.

More info to come.  Keep on coming back to this page and get the the latest updates!

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