About Holmfirth Gaming Centre

Welcome to the HGC

Open gaming is available to all visitors at Holmfirth Gaming Centre in Yorkshire, whether you’re playing the newest releases or introducing your family to an old classic. We also host dozens of events every month, from weekly meet-ups for your favourite games to small and large Tournaments.

Our tabletop gaming includes Warhammer, Batman, X-Wing, Blood Bowl, Warhammer 40K, and Horus Heresy 30K. We also have board games available to play like Evolution and Carcassonne, strategy games such as Risk. Even some tournaments for card games such as Magic The Gathering. We also run tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons.

Regular gaming nights?

The Gaming centre runs regular gaming nights with a little bit of something for all

  • Tuesday Nights are our D&D and Board gaming nights with several role-playing groups currently running and a local board gaming group
  • Wednesday nights are open for all gaming.
  • Friday Nights are our mini event night with A 40k in 50 min event and a AOS 1000 event held once a month on different Friday nights. (more to come soon)
  • Saturday Night is out D&D, Role-playing and drop in night. players can enjoy games like Blood Bowl, Necromunda and 40k/30k
  • And finally Sunday nights are our regular gaming nights with the Kimchi Warriors gaming group so come along for drop in games.