Necromunda – HGC Underhive
Feb 15 @ 7:00 pm – Aug 2 @ 8:00 pm

Necromunda – HGC Underhive

Free to enter campaign set in the necromunda Underhive.

This is a set of skirmish games where players compete to become the best gang in the Underhive.

Each player faces one set opponent in a 3 week cycle, this gives both players a chance to arrange the game.

Games can be played at anytime when club is open – results just need to be given to the arbitrator.

Missions will be pre-set each cycle by the arbitrator.

If unable/unwilling to play in the 3 week cycle it counts as a loss for that player.

Gangs start with the following benefits:-

1500 starting credits, 5 territories & 5 rep.

If choosing Venator- house has to be chosen & bounties are not collected only income from territories & missions/normal bounties.

Recommend Gangs have minimum of 7 starting gang members which can be a mix of the following:-

You can choose 5 extra primary skills & 1 extra secondary skill plus  2 stats can be improved by 1pt. (cannot be used on gang members that have taken 2 extra skills.)

1 Leader – required/must have – gets 1 primary starting skill – can have 2 more skills or 1 extra skill plus stat increase of 1pt.

0-2 Champions – gets 1 primary starting skill – can have 2 more skills or 1 extra skill plus stat increase of 1pt.

Gangers – must =/or exceed the number of Leader + Champions + Juve’s + Specialists.

Ganger – can be upgraded to specialist by adding 1- 2 skills (no more)

Juve’s – can take 1 – 2 skills as part of their creation, or 1 skill + 1 stat increase.

If stat increase not used on leader or champions it can be used on a ganger/s & this doesn’t change them to a specialist unless skill is also taken.

Max Skills can have including starting skills – is 8 primary skills & 1 Secondary skill (in all the gang).

Any issues with the above speak to Mark (arbitrator) & I will help.

0 -2 Hanger’s on/brutes can also be hired.

Equipment/guns & Rare items:-

Each Gang member can only carry 3 guns/weapons which cannot be altered – only leader, champions & specialists/Juve’s can be upgraded with different weapons as time progresses.

Including guns/weapons & wargear each member of the gang can only hold 10 items maximum.

Each house list has a list of weapons & wargear priced at the cost needed to be paid when adding these pieces to a gang member.

Certain gang members start the game with items already on them, these cannot be sold only placed in gang stash for later use if better items bought/upgraded.

2 items from the trading post up-to a rarity value of 10 can be bought as well for the gang if funds available, though these must be shown on the model.

Again any issues speak to mark.

Each gang earns credits & Rep by completing missions, they can also earn cash for working the turf.

Working the turf requires 1 leader or champion to be available at end of each mission who isn’t dead or seriously injured.

If Leader/champ available – for each normal territory players earn 1d6 x 5 credits.

If 1 leader plus 2 champions work the turf – for each normal territory players earn 1d6 x 10 credits.

If 3 champions work the turf – for each normal territory players earn 1d6 x 10 credits.

Special territories can be gained as well for winning missions – additional bonuses are shown on these.

These credits can be used to buy extra equipment, new members of the gang etc.

If players wish not to work the turf or have extra champions/not enough champions they can visit the trading post.

If leader visits – roll 2d6 & add 2 to the result, this is the rarity value of 1 item that can be bought.

If Champion visits -roll 2d6 & add 1 to the result, this is the rarity value of 1 item that can be bought.

Only 1 visit allowed to purchase 1 rare item.

Certain territory’s  will allow items to be gained.

If unsure speak to Mark.

Players can once every 2 cycles (6 weeks) issue a challenge – either to another player to steal a territory from them.

Challenge can also be issued to the arbitrator whose Orlock gang never changes. These are usually easier & allows players to try & win a special territory not already claimed by another player.

A challenge is also a good way to get extra cash or get members of your gang out of recovery.

The campaign is won by the player with the most rep at the end.

Warhammer 40K Escalation Campaign 2019 @ Holmfirth Gaming Centre
Mar 31 @ 12:00 pm – Sep 1 @ 10:30 pm



Best Games in town

Warhammer 40K Escalation Campaign 2019

Start date – Sunday 31st March

Duration – 5 months

Ticket price – £5 Payments for the entry can be sent via the paypal address

Prize for campaign winner is a scenery set worth £50

This campaign is a hybrid of Narrative and Matched play using all current 8th edition rules and FAQ’s, we are NOT using community/fan made rules. A note on ‘Beta’ rules, agree with your opponent before game if any beta rules are to be used, if either side cannot agree, beta rules are not used.

Where applicable we will be using the Urban Conquest ruleset, the bulk of these can be found in the Chapter Approved 2018 Supplement.

Points limit will be as follows –

Month 1 – 500

Month 2 – 750

Month 3 – 1000 (at this stage, you may include a LoW)

Month 4 – 1500

Month 5 – 2000

Please note – any points unspent may be carried over to the following month(s)

All armies must be Battle-forged Your starting force must be used in every game (for example if you use a HQ and a Troop as your starting force, the exact force and make up must be used in every subsequent battle), additionally any units added due to monthly points increase MUST be carried over to the subsequent month(s), again these added units must comply to the Battle-forged rules (for example, on month two, you add units to make a Battalion, these units must be carried over to the following months), in short, any units you start off with or add must be used every month.

A maximum of 4 games per month may be played for the first 3 months of the campaign, 2 games per month from month 4.

Any scenario from the main rulebook, chapter approved 2017/18 or Urban Conquest supplement may be used, Narrative or Matched.

The winner of a battle will receive 3 Campaign points, loser earns nothing, an award of 1 CP for each player if a draw occurs. Please inform me via message or in the club of your results. A post will be made at each month end showing current standings.

If one or more players have the same CP’s at campaign end, then a play off will be played. This will be played with an arbitrator overseeing (or interfering in) it.

Urban Conquest rules will replace and/or super-cede matched play rules on a battlefield that includes building, ruins, manufactorum or mechanicum buildings/scenery.

No dick lists!!!!!! this is after all for fun.

Most of all have fun and good luck.

Does Superman Die 2019 @ Holmfirth Gaming Centre
May 18 all-day


2019 Batman & DCU – Does Superman Die

The 2nd of this years Batman/DCU events being held at Holmfirth Gaming Centre.

Cost of the event this time is £12. which includes entry to the event

As a special early bird price – if book & pay before 10th of April you only pay £10.

Payments can be made via friends & family to my PayPal

All the prizes for the event will be shown below.

Thanks again go out to Alan at Lazerzone, Knight Models, Urbanmatz & the HGC for all the support given to this event.

Games will start from 10.30am however doors will open from 10am, we hope to be finished by 6pm latest. Parking is available but can be limited.

3 Games will be played throughout the day with usually a 2 hour game time,  Lunch can be purchased on the day from the venue as well as hot & cold drinks etc.

If wish to guarantee place please book early & indicate which event you wish to attend.

Please note if due to poor attendance figures for the DCU event again –  I will contact players to either join Batman instead or will offer a refund.

Need at least 6 players in each event.



As normal for Batman this will be a 350pt, $1500 force/gang, however this year players can bring 2 lists. These both have to be from the same faction & players can choose which list to play before each game.

Players don’t have to bring 2 lists however.

Players are limited to 1 magic user &,no legends are allowed.

The SOCIETY will use the new updated faq build as shown on knight models website, any issues please PM me.

However all other restrictions are lifted & eternal figures are allowed.

Figures have to be WYSIWYG so if updated cards are used model has to match new model, ie new killer croc is a different model to the old one. New resin Stryx is also a new pose so has to be used.

We will be using batmatch scoring & scenarios so please do check out FAQ’s etc.



DCU this event will be 50 pts this is to allow games to be completed & makes them quicker. However again players can bring 2 lists from same faction to allow players to change if so needed.

Eternal is allowed. Scenarios & the scoring system will be the version in the DCU rulebook which hopefully people will bring.

Marvel is allowed however this year they have to work as their faction teams, no crossovers are allowed – so no x-men with the avengers (sorry Shane).

All players need to bring a copy of their lists, one/two to keep & others to hand in to event organiser. Players also need to bring all dice,tape measures, counters play the games.

Any questions please contact me & I will endeavor to help.

Due to the DCU being updated hopefully soon will hold off on an FAQ in case this appears before the event, will allow FAQ questions 3 weeks before event if this doesn’t happen.

Cheers Mark

Any issues please PM me.

Here are some of the prizes on offer for these & upcoming Batman/DCU events :-