Holmfirth Gaming & Hobby Supplies


The Holmfirth Gaming Centre Shop is a specialist gaming shop. We specialise in war gaming products and stock a range of board games and cards.

War Gaming

We stock the all main ranges for war gaming and can order in what we don’t hold on stock. Our goal is to become one of the best war gaming stores in the North and we are on the road to making that happen. If you don’t see it listed we can probably get it in if it’s available to stores; and if it’s not we will help where we can. We often have many games being played within the gaming centre, so if you want to watch a game or have a demo, ask our staff and we can try and set one up, or put you in touch with our local gamers that can help you out.

We currently hold the following items in stock:



We can order in the following plus a lot more:


We are stockist of the main modelling paint lines and have many specialist paints in also. We stock paints from war gaming to paints to modeller’s paints. As a customer you will have access to everything from paints, pigments, washes, mediums, airbrush paints, to advanced metallic. If your new to a product ask our staff, we support painters with help and tips from dry brushing to air brushing. We currently have the following ranges in stock:

War Gaming Storage

Once you’ve built and painted your models we want you to turn up with them intact and pristine. To help you with this we are a KR cases stockist. We have a wide range of cases and foams on stock and can order in any specialist trays you want as you need them. If KR is your brand ask as we can order in other ranges. Getting what you want is important to us.

Card Games

We stock card games as our customer want them. We currently stock MTG but if you want a product then please just ask. We will help with stock, gaming tables / space, event support, etc. We are 100% behind card gaming so if you want us to get involved get in touch.

Board Games

We try and stock the top board games as well as having other games suitable for all ages. You want a birthday gift or an 8 hour table top board game, we can help. Our staff will advise and often do intro games on gaming nights. So check them out.

If you want custom dice or something to make you stand out on gaming nights get in touch with our staff. If you know what you want we will try and get it for you.