Warhammer 40K Escalation Campaign 2019 @ Holmfirth Gaming Centre
Mar 31 @ 12:00 pm – Sep 1 @ 10:30 pm



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Warhammer 40K Escalation Campaign 2019

Start date – Sunday 31st March

Duration – 5 months

Ticket price – £5 Payments for the entry can be sent via the paypal address

Prize for campaign winner is a scenery set worth £50

This campaign is a hybrid of Narrative and Matched play using all current 8th edition rules and FAQ’s, we are NOT using community/fan made rules. A note on ‘Beta’ rules, agree with your opponent before game if any beta rules are to be used, if either side cannot agree, beta rules are not used.

Where applicable we will be using the Urban Conquest ruleset, the bulk of these can be found in the Chapter Approved 2018 Supplement.

Points limit will be as follows –

Month 1 – 500

Month 2 – 750

Month 3 – 1000 (at this stage, you may include a LoW)

Month 4 – 1500

Month 5 – 2000

Please note – any points unspent may be carried over to the following month(s)

All armies must be Battle-forged Your starting force must be used in every game (for example if you use a HQ and a Troop as your starting force, the exact force and make up must be used in every subsequent battle), additionally any units added due to monthly points increase MUST be carried over to the subsequent month(s), again these added units must comply to the Battle-forged rules (for example, on month two, you add units to make a Battalion, these units must be carried over to the following months), in short, any units you start off with or add must be used every month.

A maximum of 4 games per month may be played for the first 3 months of the campaign, 2 games per month from month 4.

Any scenario from the main rulebook, chapter approved 2017/18 or Urban Conquest supplement may be used, Narrative or Matched.

The winner of a battle will receive 3 Campaign points, loser earns nothing, an award of 1 CP for each player if a draw occurs. Please inform me via message or in the club of your results. A post will be made at each month end showing current standings.

If one or more players have the same CP’s at campaign end, then a play off will be played. This will be played with an arbitrator overseeing (or interfering in) it.

Urban Conquest rules will replace and/or super-cede matched play rules on a battlefield that includes building, ruins, manufactorum or mechanicum buildings/scenery.

No dick lists!!!!!! this is after all for fun.

Most of all have fun and good luck.