2019 Batman & DCU & Gangs of Rome

30th June 2018 all-day
Holmfirth Gaming centre
Unit 1 Albion Mill Miry Lane Thonsbridge
2019 Batman & DCU & Gangs of Rome @ Holmfirth Gaming centre

This is a special 1 day event for all the Batman/DCU &Gangs of Rome players to show off all 3 systems to both players new & old. Please choose your event & read the planned layout for the event for that day

This/ year its £15/player for each event so players can purchase event tickets at same time via our payment details shown below.

I am hosting these events at the HGC – holmfirth’s premier gaming venue well worth a visit.

It’s a standard 350pts $1500 batman list per player.
The DCU will be 45pts this year to allow game completions.
The Gangs of Rome will be 100 gold coins.

Again to ensure pleasant games we limiting magic users 1/player for batman. Also the batsignal due to high buildings & legends are banned as normal. Any questions please ask.

We are using batmatch rules for batman; playing 3 games over the course of the day.
DCU will again be 3 games using chosen scenarios.
Gangs of Rome will play 2 standard games & a special free for all finale to determine winner.

Prizes will be available for all 3 events, Batman & DCU players can earn an additional figure with early payment, Pay before 5th of Feb & gain this extra – 1st come 1st served.List of these prizes will be added shortly.

Any questions please PM me.

Prizes will be shown in discussion posts.