War of the Roses 2019 – Horus Heresy Event.

30th June 2019 all-day
Holmfirth Gaming Centre
Unit 1 Albion Mills

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War of the Roses 2019 – Horus Heresy Event.

   Welcome to the War of the Roses 2019 – a Horus Heresy Event at the HGC – Holmfirth’s premier gaming centre.

At this event we at holmfirth gaming centre challenge clubs from around Yorkshire & Lancashire to fight it out to determine which club & which players therefore shall be the victors & the deadliest warriors in the Known Galaxy!!!!

This event shall be a single day event comprising of 3 games across the day.

Event starts at 9am & all players need to bring their armies, lists, dice etc.

Food & drink can be bought on the day at the excellent Holmfirth Gaming Centre snack bar where the Bacon Butties make your mouth water.

Games will last 2 hours 30mins for the Age of Darkness games & 1 hour 30mins for the Centurion Match.

2 games will be pre-selected from the Ages of Darkness rule Book & the 3rd shall be a Centurion Match.

Each player/contender is asked to create 2 lists (with copies to be emailed), 1st list is the 2500pt  legal army list. The 2nd is a 1750pt Centurion list

Both lists need to be emailed no later than 23rd of June for Confirmation & checking to ixiondemi@outlook.com, please also include your name, Club name, Army & Loyalty to determine results. this will allow any additional PDF rules to be forwarded to players.

Payments can be sent to the paypal address kimchi_warrior@yahoo.com – please pay via friends & family  – this is £10/player please again also include your name, club name & army on the notes to confirm you have paid. Payments can also be made at the HGC by either speaking to Howard, Mark or Tracy.

Places are limited (20) so please do book early even if insure of army composition as full lists are not needed till 23rd June, however places might sell fast so get your name down quickly. 

Any queries please email Howard on ixiondemi@outlook.com.


 I looked out to the crumbling ruins of the once might city around me. The world had been brought to its knees. It’s peoples slaughtered or captured, not to fit into the new Imperium of Man,  it’s master the Warmaster Horus Lupercal or to side with those loyal to the false Emperor. No this world had been destroyed for something far greater.

In this war where cousin fought cousin, brother vs brother & fathers killed their own sons. There was no greater mantle of being he most deadly warrior in the known Galaxy. This was the stage where the loyalties of all would be pushed to their limits as for all who come there can be only one victor!!!

There was a story on ancient Terra, of 2 factions who fought each other. A nation was ripped in 2 as all fought each other. This was to be the same, this was to be The War of the Roses!

I spat on the ground & watched as the acid in my spit ate into whatever shit was there, Ha. All will be destroyed – for now all was War!!

Let War commence!!!!!!!