Space Crusade Epic Game Night

13th December 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Holmfirth Gaming Centre
Unit 1 Albion Mill
£5 pr night
Jay Muffitt

Holmfirth Gaming centre presents

Epic Gaming Night (Space Crusade)

What’s it all about?

Epic Gaming night (Space Crusade) is a short campaign driven story based competitive gaming night. Where players can enjoy all the fun of the GW/MB 1990 Classic, Space Crusade. Space Crusade, is a turn based Board game where players can move a fixed number of squares and fight using a limited number of weapons options.

The campaign will have a un-decided number of games with the winner being the first person to reach the top rank with their officer. Spot prizes will be Available during the game nights with a loot pot going to the eventual campaign winner. During each mission players can choose to team up for a greater chance of success or stab each other in the back you Decide. Epic Gaming night (Space Crusade) is set out to be light-hearted and fun. Therefor the real winners are those who take part in this piece of Gaming history.

How do I Take Part?

Eight players will compete against the GM to win the hidden loot. Two teams of blood angels, two teams of ultramarine’s, two teams of imperial fists, one team of eldar and a chaos space marine squad. Team allocation is on a first come first served basis and the choice of weapons will be on a your turn my turn basis. Points will be scored during the game for completion of Primary and secondary missions. Players will also be able to score points for killing enemy targets but not other player models. Although this does not mean that they cannot be shot!.

How do i win and what does it cost?

Epic Gaming night (Space Crusade) costs £5 pr evening to enter. From this we will derive the prize pot of tokens. Some tokens will be available to win during the game and some will be placed in the winners cache. We will play as many games per night as time allows (1-2) and will continue once a month until the campaign is completed. The overall winner is the player who levels their commander to the highest level first.